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earring fittings
We offer 8 options for your earring fittings which are fixed only on order to give you the maximum choice. These fittings come in up to 6 colours. Please click on the smaller images for more detailed photographs.
New in:
  • Niobium Ear wires in green, pink, purple, navy, turquoise, bronze and now in gold. Pictures to come
  • Ear wires in Vintaq eco friendly natural brass. Pictures to follow.
The ear fitting options are:

For pierced ears:

ear wires - Fish Hook plain
ear wires - Ball and Spring
ear wires - Balian
ear wires - Shepherd's Crook

AS, AG, Gm, AC, StS, GF, Vbr
SP, GP, PtP, SurgS
StS, Vm
StS, 9ct, Ti, Ni (colours given below)

click the image of a silver-plated fishhook ear wire to see a larger picture of ear hooks click on picture for more fittings

ear posts - plated
ear posts - precious metals

kidney safety earwires

SP, GP, AS, AG, Gm, AC
StS, 9ct, RG, GF, SurgS

SP, GP, SurgS, StS

click the picture of a gold-plated ear post and screw, and a silver-plated kidney safety earwire to see a larger picture of ear wires and ear posts click on picture for more fittings

ear chains
creoles and hoops

newly arrived fittings

StS only
StS only

PtP (antique silver colour)

click the image of a creole in Sterling Silver leading to see a larger picture of ear chains and creoles in Sterling Silver click on picture for more fittings
For non pierced ears:

mini ear clips

ear clips

GP, SP, PtP, StS*

GP, SP, AS, AG, StS**

click the image of a gold-plated mini ear clip and silver-plated ear clip to see a larger picture of ear clips and mini ear clips click on picture for more fittings

ear screw

ear clip with screw

GP, SP, AS, AG, StS**, 9ct**


click the image of a silver-plated ear screw and gold-plated ear clip with screw to see a larger picture of ear screws and ear clips with screws click on picture for more fittings

Plated Fittings Metal Fittings
SP=silver plated StS=Sterling Silver
AS=Antique Silver colour SurgS=Surgical Steel (hypo-allergenic)
Gm=Gunmetal colour Ti=Titanium (hypo-allergenic)
PtP=platinum plated Vm=Vermeil (solid sterling silver, plated with 24ct gold)
GP=gold plated 9ct=9 carat gold
AG=Antique Gold colour RG=Rolled Gold
GF=Gold filled
AC=Antique Copper colour Vbr=Vintaq natural brass
Ni=Niobium (hypo-allergenic) see more information below

**available to order only

*not always held in stock but available to order

Please note:-
Ear wires are mostly in the standard fish hook shape. Vermeil ear wires are the Balian shape, which are also available in Sterling Silver.
Titanium, Niobium, Sterling Silver and 9 carat gold come in simple Shepherd's Crook.

Ear fitting content information:-
Most pierced ear fittings are made from either brass with a coloured finish, or brass coated with a thin layer of gold, silver or possibly platinum plate. For those intolerant to these materials, Sterling Silver or Vermeil are often easier to wear.
Hypo-allergenic fittings:
For those sensitive to the above metals we have less allergic fittings in Surgical Steel. For manufacturing reasons, these can no longer be classed as hypo-allergenic.
For those with metal intolerance we have fittings in Niobium and Titanium (surgical implant grade). Our Niobium fittings are anodised creating different colours. The anodisation process does not change the hypo-allergenic qualities. The Niobium earwire colours we have in stock at present are:
Ni Gr=green, Ni Pk= pink, Ni Pp= purple, Ni Ny= navy, Ni Tq= turquoise, Ni Bz= bronze, Ni AG= gold (antique gold in colour).
We also have head and eye pins in these colours (except gold) to create earrings for those of extreme sensitivity, or to achieve a different look!

To buy our earrings and select the fittings of your choice, see our earring selections under earrings, luxury earrings and necklace and earring sets.
You can also commission your own earrings and specify your earring fittings.

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